The Secret to Removing Blue Ruler Lines From Your Quilts Forever

slctvrnt:--::|~|:prdurl:--:|~|:prdbtnltp:--:product:|~|:prdbtncpt:--:BUY NOW!:|~|:prdbtnattr:--: class='btn-custom lime-color-btn add-to-cart-btn button-medium zp bcss-477250':|~|:prdbdhtml:--:By popular suggestion..... we bring you the "All In" everything and we do mean everything you need to mark on light and dark fabrics and everything to remove the marks. Included is 8oz spray bottle of Blue Line Eraser, 1 eraser applicator pen, 1 perfect small funnel to fill the applicator pen, 1 medium, 1 fine line blue water soluble markers, 1 white marker...... with one button ordering what could be easier!:|~|:prdattr:--: data-id='477250' class='row zp ba-477250':|~|:mcontclstpadd:--: class='cluster cluster-padding-medium container zp cac-477251':|~|:mcontattr:--: data-id='477251' class='cluster-wrapper zp ba-477251':|~|:imgpos:--:left:|~|:handle:--:blue-line-eraser:|~|:descfnts:--: class='offset-bottom-sm product-description word-wrap zp pda-477250':|~|:clstid:--:130411
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