Grace TrueCut with Accu-Track Essential Bundle

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The Grace Company is introducing the TrueCut Rotary Cutting System, the latest in safe and accurate rotary cutting for all crafts!

The Essential Bundle Includes:

TrueCut with Accu-Track - The TrueCut ruler and cutter work together with Accu-Track for percise, straight cuts everytime!
Our rulers have a special built-in track on each side. The cutters have a special guide that fits and flows along the track on the ruler.
The result is perfectly straight cuts with no more slip-ups! Everything that has gone into the TrueCut system has been specialy designed for accuracy and your saftey.

TrueCut Ruler - This specially designed ruler is equipped with Accu-Track to work in conjunction with our rotary cutter for precision cuts every time! This clear ruler is 6 inches wide by 24 inches long. Special built-in marking guide allows you to mark your fabric accurately through the ruler. The cutter glides straight along the track on the ruler’s edge.

TrueCut Cutting Mat - This is a large size 36"x24", double-sided for extended use with angle reference guide lines with easy-to-see colors.

TrueCut Tentacle Grips - Adhesive non-skid pads that yo can apply to any cutting mats or rulers. Also great for lamps, pictures and other household items. Transparent for clear visibility through rulers


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